Ancestry of Lloyd Ollie Croft

William and Alice Croft with children.
William and Alice Croft with children, 1935.

Four generations of the family line of Lloyd Ollie (Olie) Croft are well documented. Unfortunately, we reach a “brick wall” when we get to his great, great grandparents, Daniel and Margaret Hipple Croft. Even though there are several records for Margaret, only one has been found for Daniel. Because of this lack of documentation, I have not been able to determine the ancestry of Daniel Croft or his country of origin.

John Hipple Croft was born March 30, 1817 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. There is family lore this Croft line was Dutch which certainly may be the case. However, many German immigrants settled in this area and became known as “Pennsylvania Dutch.” *This was a “cultural group formed by early German-speaking immigrants to Pennsylvania and their descendants.”

**Croft is also an “English surname of pre 6th century origins. These included a nickname surname for a smart, cunning person, deriving from the pre 7th century word ‘craeft’ meaning craft or skill. Secondly, it may be topographical for someone who lived by a “croft”. This described a piece of enclosed land used for tillage or pasture. Thirdly, there are several places in England called Croft and the surname may equally be locational from any of them.”

Did this Croft family line originate in Holland, Germany or the British Isles? More research needs to be done before this can be determined.

Note: Lloyd Koenning Croft, son of Lloyd O. Croft, had an autosomal DNA test which shows DNA inherited from the autosomal chromosomes of both parents. This test shows his ethnicity estimate to be 50% Great Britain; 30% Europe West; 5% Italy/Greece; 4% Scandinavia; and 1% each of Europe East, Iberian Peninsula, European Jewish, Africa and West Asia. He also had the YDNA test, showing the chromosome passed only from father to son. His greatest number of matches are from England, Ireland and Germany. Neither test shows matches of people with the surname of Croft, Kroft or any variations of the name. As more people get tested, other matches will be made, and hopefully, this will help in the search for Lloyd Croft’s elusive ancestors and their country of origin.

Variations in the spelling of this surname include Croft, Crofts, Craft, Crafft, Cruft, Kraft, Krafft, Kraftt and Krafter.

The focus of this book is on Lloyd and Gertrude Koenning Croft; Oscar and Ethel Mohler Croft; William and Alice Caulk Croft; and John Hipple and Elizabeth Teeter Croft.

Other related surnames are Bowton, Caulk, Jones, Kirkpatrick, Mohler, Shambaugh and Teeter.



Croft Family photo. (Seated R to L) William and Alice Croft; Oscar Croft, Paul Harold Croft, Vede Weaver Croft, George Allen Croft, Edna Ruth Croft Durfee. (Standing R to L) Fred “Fritz” Dewey Croft, Frank Monroe Croft, Floyd Ward Croft, Grace Irene Croft Montgomery, Blanche Marie Croft Mumford, Hope Cansada Croft Thompson, and Russell William Croft. Photo taken in 1935.