Seraphin and Marieanna “Anne” Hubschwerlen LeBus

Both Seraphin and Marieanna “Anne” Hubschwerlen LeBus were born in Larigitzen, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France. He was the son of Ludwig and Sophia Martin LeBus and her parents were Sigismund and Anna Marie Mieschberger Hubschwerlen. The year of Seraphin’s birth was 1799 and Anna’s was 1803.

Before immigrating to America, Seraphin and Anne lived with their children in Alsace, France which is located on the eastern border of France on the west bank of the Rhine. It is adjacent to Germany and Switzerland, so it abounds in both French and German influences. Our LeBus ancestors resided in Alsace during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and those were years when its citizens were subjected to a number of conflicts greatly affecting their lives and wellbeing. In the mid-1820’s, the country was recovering from foreign occupation. A dramatic surge in population growth caused an economic depression resulting in hunger, housing shortages and lack of work. This may have been the reason for the LeBus family immigrating to America.(Letter regarding LeBus family – click link)

We have some documentation of this LeBus family in a transcription of Seraphin’s will dated 14th day of April A.D. 1868. Their four sons, Morandus, Lewis, Francis Joseph and Anthony along with two daughters, Anne Swaney and Mary Ewing are mentioned. They may have had two other daughters (Marieanna and Teresa) who died as infants but we have no information documenting that. (Last-Will-and-Testament-of-Seraphin-LeBus.pdf – click link)

Even though I have not located Seraphin LeBus and his family on a passenger list or found a naturalization record for him, I am led to believe they immigrated to America between 1826 and 1831, just before or after their second son, Anthony, was born April 11, 1828. The census records for him give his birth place as France and Pennsylvania, so that muddies the water a bit. Daughter Anne LeBus was born January 9, 1831 in Columbiana County, Ohio.

Between 1832 and 1838, Seraphin and Anne had four more children – Mary Elizabeth, Lewis, Teresa and Joseph. Less than a year after Joseph was born, Anne died on April 1, 1939 in Dungannon, Columbiana County, Ohio. She was buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery.

Seraphim Labes can be found in the 1840 United States Federal Census living in Hanover, Columbiana, Ohio with a household consisting of nine people. (Note misspelled name.) The 1840 census gives only the name of the head of household with age ranges for other members of the household. Listed are one male and one female under five years old; one male and two females between the ages of five and nine; two males between the ages of ten and fourteen; one male between the ages of thirty and thirty-nine; and one female between the ages of seventy and seventy-nine. Seraphin’s wife, Anne, died in April 1, 1839, so perhaps the older female was her mother.

When the 1850 United States Federal Census was taken, Seraphin was living in Hanover, Columbiana, Ohio, with six of his children – Anthony, Ann, Mary, Lewis, Theresa and Joseph. The name is misspelled as “Seraphim Lepus,” a common occurrence on census records. Seraphin was farming with the help of his two older sons, Anthony and Lewis.

I have not yet found Seraphin on the 1860 United States Federal Census, but he probably continued to live in Columbiana County. We have a transcription of his last will and testament signed on April 14, 1868. He died a short time later on June 12, 1868 in Dungannon and was buried with his wife, Anne, in St. Paul’s Cemetery.

Seraphin and Anne Lebus Grave Marker

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