Johann and Helene Bremer Wemken and Ancestors

In 2008, Suzanne S. Bettac, professional genealogist, was engaged by Lucy Croft to research the Koenning and Wemken family lines. She contacted a representative of the Oldenburger Society for Family Research in the parish of Rastede (Germany) – Mr. Günter Oltmanns. He provided the name of a CD with compiled records which firmly established several generations of direct ancestors of Helene Catherine Margaretha Wemken Koenning. The information is presented via pedigree charts on the following links.

Johann Wemken Pedigree Chart (click to open link)

Helene Bremer Pedigree Chart (click to open link)


Bettac, Suzanne S., “Wemken Report,” 2008.

Oltmann, Günter, Die Familien der Kirchengemeinde Widfelstede (1650-31.12.1899).


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